New place, new context

It amazes me how good I am at forgetting just how challenging it can be to move to a new place and all of a sudden find yourself in a completely new and unfamiliar context…but here I am again hehe.

So every day is a learning process and a new adventure. Since I got here two weeks ago I have been trying to find out a bit more about how the handmade/contemporary design/jewellery scene works here and fortunately after some internet stalking I have already managed to find some really interesting places and people.

I was so lucky that the first person I got in touch with happened to be super nice and friendly! Her name is Daniella and she is a local jewellery designer/maker here in San José, Costa Rica. Her brand name is elha and you can find out more about her and her work here, she makes some really nice things and my personal favourites are her pieces with natural stones. Daniella has already helped me heaps both by answering my many questions and being so kind to take me to the wonderful workshop/studio/jewellery school where she works: Escuela Crisol.

Crisol is the house and work of Jordi Costa, he is from Spain but has lived in Costa Rica for almost 20 years and runs part of his beautiful house as an artistic jewellery school and studio space. I was so impressed by the main bench space with beautiful natural light and a fantastic view.

I really hope I can go back soon and it would be amazing to have this as a work space and even pick up some new techniques but first focus is getting back into business and try to find some local retailers.

Here is a snap shot from the main studio space at Escuela Crisol with students and Jordi busy at work:

Snapshot Escuela Crisol


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