Let’s try again

It seems I abandoned my blog about a year ago and since my last post I have both finished my website/webshop, made some new work, moved out of the then new studio, taken a break from jewellery making and moved to a new country.

But since moving to Costa Rica this week I have made the decision to bring my jewellery practice out of pause mode. This involves more activity on all platforms online and hopefully some new and exciting experiences to share from a completely new context!

So please join me and let’s try again!

071 redigerad webSafira Blom, Underwater World: Neckpiece Blue, 2015
925 silver, PVC: hand cut and dyed, fabricated


New website/webshop on its’ way…

For quite some time now I have been working hard on getting a new website/webshop up where I can also sell my work. It is only days away from being published so stay tuned for it; I will link from here as soon as it’s up.

In the meantime make sure to check out my updated gallery page here for an overview of my work and if you can’t wait for the webshop just contact me on my e-mail (safira_blom@hotmail.com) if there is a particular piece you might be interested in 🙂

walk to studio

Also after a longer break from making over the summer I have recently moved in to a new studio/workshop in Stockholm. I decided I needed some company and was lucky to find a studio with some cool people. These are my new studio mates:

Tandi Agrell
Maria Sköldin
Tove Knuts
Åsa Elmstam
Hanna Hedman

The studio is called “Daughters” and is situated in the part of Stockholm called Södermalm, the image above I snapped a sunny autumn day on my way to the studio from the metro station. I’m still getting to know the place but so far it has been great to have people around who have similar experiences.

At the moment in the studio I’m, besides replacing some sold work at my Sydney galleries, figuring out what to do next. I’m itching to start a new project and further develop some previous series and ideas, but not before the new website is up…

Follow me on Instagram

Instagram is where I share both what’s happening in the studio and what ispires me in my day to day. Pop by and have a look, you’ll find me by my name: safirablom

A selection of my photos:

PVC meet twigs

Left over test pieces often find their way back to my bench and recently when I was playing with some wooden twigs I had collected, I found my little PVC corals wandering over…sometimes it’s good to have several projects going on at once; unexpected things happen. I was quite happy with this juxtaposition as it reflects something I’ve struggled with for a while; the balance between the natural and the artificial. We’ll see how it develops further, this is just a work in progress shot at the bench.

Safira Blom Balance proecess work

Those of you who follow me on Instagram (safirablom) have seen some of my most recent pieces from both Underwater World and my other production line; Fingerprint Pods, which I will show more of next time…

Fingerprint Pod: Ring 925 silver

Fingerprint Pods: Ring
925 silver


After 3 years of Uni in Sydney, Australia I am now back home in Stockholm for a while. And let me tell you, here it has all hit me at once; reality of life outside of Uni, searching for some source of income and deciding what to do in life. I know feeling lost is quite common among newly graduates but I’m still thrown between hope and despair one minute to the next.

So this blog will be some kind of an outlet for me and an opportunity for the world (just to make it sound even more daunting) to get to know me and my work.

Those who know me will agree that I am more than often a little of a perfectionist which can sometimes hold me back. I tend to over think a lot and set unachievable goals making it extremely difficult to even get started. Therefore the one big goal for this blog (and life in general) is to lower my expectations at least enough to get started.

So here it is; the start, my debut blog post about my own work!

Finally you will all get a chance to see what I have been doing for the past couple of years and more importantly what is yet to come.

So what can I tell you about myself except that I am feeling a little lost and am a little of a perfectionist? Well as you will soon discover one of my greatest inspirations for my creative practice is nature. I’ve been lucky enough to grow up with the forest on my door step while still being very close to the centre of Stockholm. At the moment I am obsessing, much like every other Swede, about the weather and how late spring is. I’m desperately longing for some warmer weather and for nature to come back to life.

Safira Blom

For the next couple of weeks I will continue to develop work from my Underwater World series. Next time I will talk a little more about this series but til then here is a sneak peek 😉

Underwater World process