Let’s try again

It seems I abandoned my blog about a year ago and since my last post I have both finished my website/webshop, made some new work, moved out of the then new studio, taken a break from jewellery making and moved to a new country.

But since moving to Costa Rica this week I have made the decision to bring my jewellery practice out of pause mode. This involves more activity on all platforms online and hopefully some new and exciting experiences to share from a completely new context!

So please join me and let’s try again!

071 redigerad webSafira Blom, Underwater World: Neckpiece Blue, 2015
925 silver, PVC: hand cut and dyed, fabricated


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Instagram is where I share both what’s happening in the studio and what ispires me in my day to day. Pop by and have a look, you’ll find me by my name: safirablom

A selection of my photos:

Work in the Curio at Sterling by Gaffa

My work has arrived at Sterling shop and will be in the Curio Collectors Cabinet at Gaffa in Sydney from this week until September 3.

Go check it out (try some on and buy some ;-)) if you’re in Sydney. If you haven’t been to Gaffa yet I highly recommend it! It’s a really cool creative space in the middle of the city (two blocks from QVB so no excuses!) with galleries, workshops and retail spaces. You’ll find it on 281 Clarence Street, Sydney CBD. For more info go to their website www.gaffa.com.au

The Curio is a collector’s cabinet dedicated to featuring one designer/maker for a period of two weeks. Housed in two of Sterling by Gaffa’s retail cabinets, The Curio aims to showcase not only an artists’ production range, but to give the audience an extensive inside look into the makers practice. On display will be a sample of exhibition work, the maker’s production range as well as images/text about their practice.” (text from gaffa’s website)

I’m showing new work from my Underwater World series, a piece from Self Proliferating Patterns and production earrings inspired by it.

Here are some images:

Safira Blom, Underwater World: Neckpiece Redpurple, 2013
925 silver, PVC: hand cut and dyed, fabricated

Safira Blom, Underwater World: Neckpiece Redpurple (detail), 2013
925 silver, PVC: hand cut and dyed, fabricated

Safira Blom Underwater world blue pin

Safira Blom, Underwater World: Electric Blue Coral Pin, 2013
925 silver, PVC: hand cut and dyed, fabricated

Safira Blom Underwater world clustered coral ring orange

Safira Blom, Underwater World: Coral Cluster Ring, 2013
925 silver, PVC: hand cut and dyed, fabricated

Safira Blom Underwater world earstuds light teal

Safira Blom, Undewater World: Teal Coral Earstuds, 2013
925 silver, PVC: hand cut and dyed, fabricated

Safira Blom Underwater world earstuds red stars

Safira Blom, Underwater World: Red Star Earstuds, 2013
925 silver, PVC: hand cut and dyed, fabricated

Safira Blom Self Proliferating Patterns Bubble Earrings

Safira Blom, Self Proliferating Patterns: Bubble Earrings, 2012
Titanium, 925 silver: hydraulic pressed, hand pierced, torch coloured, fabricated

Safira Blom Titanium Bubble Earrings

Safira Blom, Bubble Earrings, 2013
Titanium, 925 silver: hand pierced, torch coloured, fabricated

Past and future exhibitions

Time flies and all of a sudden it’s nearing the end of summer and I’m busy figuring out what I’m doing this autumn. I have my eyes on a few call outs for exhibitions and awards and would like to enter into everything I see! But I’m quickly realising this isn’t possible as there isn’t enough time nor other resources…however, here are some of the call outs I am considering:

Suspended in Green
Beijing International Jewelry Art Biennial

In the meantime I’ve completely forgotten to mention the exhibitions my work has already attended this year. I say work has attended because they have all been exhibitions in Australia, unfortunately while I have been here in Sweden.

But I am happy and honoured to have been represented by my work in:

Next Generation at Craft NSW

An exhibition organised by the lovely Natalie Fong together with Craft NSW. It was our class from SCA getting together and showing our work outside of the university context, for many for the first time. This is a photo I took just before I sent my work.

Safira Blom, Bells and Baskets, 2013
Brass, cotton thread, 925 silver, driftwood: hand constructed and woven

Safira Blom, Bells and Baskets: Blue Neckpiece, 2013
Brass, cotton thread: hand constructed and woven

The next exhibition was Contemporary Australian Silver & Metalwork Award. The work selected is from my Scar series which I am hoping to develop into a production line/series later this year.

Safira Blom, Scar Series: Frostbite Neckpiece, 2011
Titanium, 925 silver: hand pierced, torch coloured and constructed

And as a part of the JMGA conference Participation + Exchange my work was also shown in Graduate Metal 13.

This is my favourite piece from my graduating work.

Safira Blom, Self Proliferating Patterns: Organic Neckpiece, 2012
Titanium, 925 silver: hydraulic pressed, hand pierced, torch coloured and constructed

All the finalists in Graduate Metal got teamed up with a student taking the curatorship course at Queensland College of Art to write the catalogue statement. The lovely Naomi O’Reilly interviewed my by e-mail and wrote this lovely piece about my work:

Stockholm artist, Safira Blom’s work draws inspiration from the natural environment that surrounds her. She utilises her own photography, as well as sourced images of nature and draws inspiration from scientific drawings by artists like Ernst Haeckel. Blom creates designs which mimic the organic patterns and connate repetition present on all observational layers of the environment. She states:

“I’m interested in the way nature – both on a macro and micro level – uses repetition and pattern to grow and create larger structures. You can often find similar patterns looking at aerial landscape photography as you can looking at cells through a microscope.” (Blom in interview with the author, 2013)

Blom’s practice focuses on elements of pattern, colour, form and repetition. Self-proliferating patterns organic neckpiece brings all these elements together. Constructed from titanium, which is heat treated to create the unique colouring, Blom begins by sketching the pattern. ‘A pattern that grows through each added line and can adapt to any shape’ (Blom, 2013). The desired form is then molded into the titanium using a hydraulic press and completed by painstakingly sawing the organic design by hand. Blom’s attention to detail can be observed in the care she has taken in contracting the chain, which continues the lines and patterns present in the pendants design.

Blom’s work is a beautifully constructed juxtaposition between the natural world and the hard industrial material intrinsic to metalsmithing. Her pieces combine elements of delicacy and strength as she carves these fragile patterns from solid metals. Blom has been working with the medium of jewellery for the past 5 years and is a recent graduate from the Sydney College of Arts.

Naomi O’Reilly

QCA Art Theory Elective Curatorship 2013

Safira Blom, Self Proliferating Patterns: Organic Neckpiece (detail), 2012
Titanium, 925 silver: hydraulic pressed, hand pierced, torch coloured and constructed

From what I’ve heard the exhibitions have been great and I’m eagerly awating some catalogues!

PVC meet twigs

Left over test pieces often find their way back to my bench and recently when I was playing with some wooden twigs I had collected, I found my little PVC corals wandering over…sometimes it’s good to have several projects going on at once; unexpected things happen. I was quite happy with this juxtaposition as it reflects something I’ve struggled with for a while; the balance between the natural and the artificial. We’ll see how it develops further, this is just a work in progress shot at the bench.

Safira Blom Balance proecess work

Those of you who follow me on Instagram (safirablom) have seen some of my most recent pieces from both Underwater World and my other production line; Fingerprint Pods, which I will show more of next time…

Fingerprint Pod: Ring 925 silver

Fingerprint Pods: Ring
925 silver

Underwater World

Safira Blom Underwater World Neckpiece

Underwater World: Neckpiece
23 x 17 x 4 cm
Brass, PVC: hand cut and dyed, fabricated

This ongoing series of work started at Uni when we had a project called Material Language with guest lecturer Melinda Young. (Check out Melinda’s work on her website and blog as she does some amazing stuff and if you ever get the chance to attend one of her workshops I highly recommend it as she is a great teacher!) In this project we were encouraged to take a closer look at different materials and what they bring to a piece of work. Reflecting upon what a material says through associations and experimenting with its inherent qualities opens up new thoughts and possibilities. For our own piece of work we had to choose a material that traditionally isn’t connected to jewellery and preferably something new and out of our personal comfort zones.

Below is the statement accompanying the piece I made and I feel it still stands as a good statement for the series that has since developed into both production and exhibition work.

Underwater World: Neckpiece (detail)

“I am normally drawn to natural materials and inspired by nature, so I tend to back away from using plastics as a material for my making. However, a growing awareness of the reluctance I have to this material poses a challenge to work with it; the challenge to make an artificial material speak the language of the natural world.

The tubular form, which has been a recurring theme in my work lately, also attracted me to PVC tubing and I saw an opportunity to work with this in reference to similar shapes in nature. PVC tubing having its’ references to water and fish tanks lead me to take a closer look at the underwater world and specifically the richness in form and colour of creatures that make up coral reefs. So with images of coral, anemones and sponges in my head I started working quite intuitively with the material.

The idea of making an ordinary and overlooked material into something beautiful and precious is something I hope can make us reflect upon value and disposability. With the care of making PCV tubing into considered handcrafted pieces of jewellery I think this material can be reconsidered.”

Underwater World: Evolution Brooch
5 x 5 x 6 cm
Brass, PVC: hand cut and dyed, fabricated

Underwater World: Earrings 7 x 4 x 2.5 cm 925 silver, PVC: hand cut and dyed, fabricated Underwater World: Earrings
7 x 4 x 2.5 cm
925 silver, PVC: hand cut and dyed, fabricated

The rings are now part of my production work and I have come to realise how much I enjoy working with this material as it enables me to play with colour and form in a different way to metal.

Underwater Word: rings 925 silver or brass, PVC: hand cut and dyed

Underwater Word: Rings
925 silver or brass, PVC: hand cut and dyed

At the moment the rings are available at Sterling by gaffa in Sydney CBD, Gallery Aloft in Rozelle and Merge Contemporary Art Space in Mcquarie Centre. I’m hoping to get something going online soon and perhaps find some Swedish stockists too.

Safira Blom Underwater world rings circle