Tapantí enero 16 (8)


You may have seen this hashtag if you follow my Instagram account, I use it every now and then but especially when it’s been a while since I got out properly. It’s as if I sometimes forget to make sure I do one of the things most important in my life. The older I get the more I realise (the more I get to know myself) what I need to feel good and the biggest thing for me is to regularly get out into nature, properly, not just a park. I need the forest, a proper hike, the ocean, a river. This is where I find my calm and inspiration, energy and smiles.

I’d like to think that this comes out in my creative practice, that I can somehow transform a little of that feeling through my art. I want to share the small wonders in the details or shed light on the patterns that are found everywhere. The cycles and repetitions but also the asymmetrical, perfect imperfect. Many times the things we see as imperfections are actually a clever solution to a problem or an obstacle or an adaptation to ever changing surroundings.

Luckily this country is full of nature and as long as I remember to make sure it happens, it’s not that difficult to escape into the wild every so often!

Here are some photos from Parque Nacional Tapantí that we visited on Sunday. I only had my phone and the light wasn’t great but you’ll  hopefully get the feel of it anyway 🙂

Tapantí enero 16 (5) Tapantí enero 16 (4) Tapantí enero 16 (7) Tapantí enero 16 (1) Tapantí enero 16 (10) Tapantí enero 16 (12) Tapantí enero 16 (6)Tapantí enero 16 (9)

Laughing at myself trying to pull off a “latina pose”…will have to work on that one 😉