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Photography Frustration

Last time I promised to show you some more work from my Fingerprint Pods series. Over the past week I have been trying to take some decent photos of them. My goal is to soon put my first listing on Etsy.

Photography….I actually really enjoy taking photos and I use it a lot as inspiration material and a medium in its’ own right, but when it comes to taking photographs of my work the perfectionist in me comes out and it takes a lot of frustration and retakes to get something I can live with. Silver is especially difficult I find as it doesn’t come out too well against a white background. This time I tried again but decided, after one too many blueish grey (when they were supposed to be white) backgrounds, to try a neutral, slightly darker colour background. The old bench top close to the window had good lighting so I tried that and am quite happy with the result:

Ring, 925 silver

Bracelet, 925 silver

Pendant, 925 silver

Earrings, 925 silver

Earrings on posts, 925 silver

But the big frustration this time has been on the body, I wanted to get some shots of the jewellery on the body. Within the contemporary jewellery scene there seems to be a preference to photograph on a plain background and pieces are seldom shown on the body where they are “supposed” to be. There are some good reasons for that and perhaps the difficulty of getting it right; showing off the piece in a context but not taking focus away from the jewellery is one of them. But I still think more contemporary (or art) jewellery should be shown in context; the relation to the body. When it comes to more commercial jewellery the industry is much better which is natural as you have to be more focused on the perspective of a potential buyer. It’s easier to see oneself wear something if you’ve already seen it worn.

Anyways here is the result of some of the “on body” photos. Let me know if you have any advice on how to improve these kinds of shots 🙂 

Bracelet, 925 silver

Earrings, 925 silver (photo Lisa Blom)

Earrings, 925 silver (photo Lisa Blom)

Ring, 925 silver (photo Lisa Blom)

Earrings on posts, 925 silver (photo Lisa Blom)

My lovely sister Lisa Blom helped me out with some of the photos when I had to wear the jewellery otherwise all photography is by me.

I know this post ended up being more about photography than Fingerprint Pods but next time I will tell you a little more about the inspiration behind and creation of the actual pieces.